Version 3.0.2

Just a small update: It came to my attention that this plugin was not compatible with Yanfly's Music Menu plugin. Now it should be.


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Jun 29, 2019

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I'm having trouble with the "loopstart" and "looplength" parameters. It doesn't seem to be working as expected. I have a loopstart/looplength meant to repeat the intro of a battle song until the battle actually starts at which point the loopstart/looplength will be set to different values so the main part of the battle music plays and loops around the climax of the piece.

But what happens is the loopstart/looplength doesn't actually loop the ogg file and just plays the file in its entirety. And then when I set the loopstart/looplength to continue the rest of the song (same file) it seems to restart the entire song.

I do have loopstart/looplength values in the ogg file itself and it seems to be defaulting the loop to those values... which is fine for in-battle but pre-battle I need the loopstart/looplength to be something else. Seems the script's loopstart/looplength isn't overriding the metadata in the ogg.

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I'll look into this when I have the opportunity, but could you copy/paste:

1. The original LoadBGM command.

2. If you're using it, the original PlayBGM command; otherwise, tell me how the track is being triggered the first time.

3. The PlayBGM command the second time, or how the updated loop settings are being triggered.

There's a possibility the system is attempting to play the system battle theme, which could interfere, but I don't have enough information to determine that. (And that wouldn't explain the problems with the pre-battle loop.)

Also, wouldn't hurt to tell me the length, in samples, of the OGG track and what its default loopstart and looplength are.

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Here's what I am doing - 

The file in my bgm folder is DecisiveBattle1.

This is how I have evented the cutscene.

Pre Battle Loop (below)

LoadBGM DecisiveBattle1 loopstart=129764 looplength=141213

<Boss Appears>

PlayBGM DecisiveBattle1

<Boss Lines Finish>

<Battle start>

This is the new loop and also the same loopstart/looplength values in the ogg file metadata (below)

PlayBGM DecisiveBattle1 loopstart=529959 looplength=4514464 

Currently this order of commands is just playing the BGM with the loopstart/looplength value that is in the ogg file metadata.

I suspect the loopstart/looplength parameters are not overriding the loopstart/looplength values in the metadata and that's why this is happening.